Tuesday, August 09, 2005

eVAC Changes Licensing

'The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance'
Having been pretty quiet on this front for a while I coincidentally noted that Scott at Open Voting Foundation has just posted some depressing news about Software Improvement changing the licensing of its eVAC system from GPL to 'controlled open source'.

Whatever that means.

Sure enough, a check of the Software Improvement site shows that all reference to open source has been removed.

Except for this:
Our eVACS® solution is the world leader in transparent and accurate election software.'
Maybe not now?

Meanwhile, Worldchanging has made several references to ExtremeDemocracy, which I'll investigate in a little while


Blogger Boot said...

Hi Tony,

I followed you here from David's Site. I'm not sure where I should discuss my open voting thoughts with you. Would you prefer the most recent post or all together under one of the earlier posts?

1:55 AM  
Blogger Boot said...

Initial Proposal.
(I haven't had time to read Travc's post yet.)

Internet Voting is signed up for locally at the local courthouse or at the BMV where you get your plates. It is an Optional method of voting which will not currently available systems.

-Internet Voting use a Voter Identification Number (VIN) supplied by the government when you register for it IN PERSON.

-Internet Voting is due and locked 1 week before Nov 4th.

-Internet Voting is 100% Transparent. Every person in the world can see every single Internet Vote by VIN.

-The only Data accepted by the Website is VIN, Password, and Vote. No personal information is used.

-Voting in person trumps Internet voting. The Internet vote will be discarded.

-Voters can request a new VIN as often as they like (within reason). This should give the privacy and paranoid elements the ability to switch after every election if desired.

-Every Political Organization, Country, and Individual is "Encouraged" to make copies of the Public Voting records to avoid tampering or revisionist History.

I'll get into some of the details tomorrow. For now, please give me examples of problems with the system which I can correct for or explain.

12:26 PM  

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