Monday, May 09, 2005

Victorian government elects open source for e-democracy platform

Came across this article in Computerworld. Looks like the idea is taking off.*

Of particular note is the following paragraph:
The Electronic Democracy Subcommittee, chaired by Victorian MP Michael Leighton said the use of open source is specifically recommended so voters can "be satisfied with the integrity of the system".
"The other principle we recommended for electronic voting is that there is a paper trail -unlike what happened in the US presidential election.
However, I have to wonder why the following recommendation was made:
Leighton said the line for "electronic democracy" would be drawn at Internet voting, and recommendations have been made that this not be considered.

Last week the Victorian Electoral Commission called for tenders for electronic voting machines.
Diebold was also mentioned.
I may be naive, but do I smell a lobby group?

*Update: the full report can be found here.


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